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Assessment Policy

Assessment is the process of forming a judgment about the quality and extent of student achievementor performance, and therefore by inference a judgment about the learning itself. This policy specifies the Spirometry Training Australia''s assessment philosophy and the generalprinciples that guide assessment practices in courses, regardless of location or learning mode.

Assessment methods take a variety of forms, but must be aligned with learning outcomes. The requirements for participant success are clearly outlined, and theassessment grade is a measure of the extent to which the learning outcomes have been achieved.The standard of performance that is required for the award of a particular grade is subjective andbased on the professional expertise of the various staff who contribute to the assessment process. This is informed by experience and guided by accepted standards, including, where appropriate, standards derived by other groups or entities. Staff responsible for a course assessment exercise theirprofessional judgement in using assessment methods that are relevant, valid, fair andaligned with the aims and objectives of the course.

1. The Assessment Plan
The Assessment Plan document statestheindividual assessment tasks, how they are judged andtheir relative weighting. The Assessment Plan also indicates the way in which the assessmentof individual assessment tasks are combined to give an overall grade. Spirometry Training Australia’s staff are responsible for conveying to students clear advice about the aims andobjectives of the course, the assessment requirements, how individual assessment tasksare judged and their relative weight.Where a student enrols in a course after the commencement of teaching, or for whatever reasonis not present when students are given information concerning the assessment plan of thecourse, it is the student''s responsibility to ascertain the information from Spirometry Training Australia staff.

Proposals to alter the assessment plan of a course shall be made to Spirometry Training Australia’s Management Team.A revised assessment plandeveloped by the staff responsiblefor teaching the course is to be lodged prior to the next scheduled offering of the course. The Management Team shall determine whether the revised assessment plan is consistent with the original assessment plan andthat it correlates with the learning outcomes and adheres to standards of best practice.

Examiners are required to provide feedback to students on their performance in assessment tasksconducted during the teaching period. Examiners should give guidance to students andcomment on work presented for assessment during the teaching period by written commentsor other suitable means. Examiners should be prepared to discuss with students their performance inan assessment item.

2. Grading
Assessment items will be endorsed by the Management Team and checked by another member of staff with the appropriate content expertise to gain approval.Students’ grades in courses are recorded ona Pass/Non-Pass basis, where successful completion of a course is assessed on a pass/non-pass basis.Examiners are responsible for recording the marks of all students enrolled in a course for eachassessment task in one place but students are to be given only to their individual marks and not tothe marks of other students.
Grades that may be awarded are:

  • Pass
  • Fail: No Assessment Submitted (FNS) – Student did not present any work for assessment, to be countedas a failure;
  • Withdraw with failure (WF) - Cancelled enrolment in the course after the final date for withdrawalwithout failure or refund of fees;
  • Withdraw (W) - The student has withdrawn from the course prior to the final date for withdrawal without failure, and is not liable for fees. This is NOT counted as failure.
The Management Team is responsible for ensuring that a final grade is recommended for all students enrolled in the course and signifies the student''s overall performance in the course. Where marks are allocated to individual assessments in order to facilitate an overall grade, the Management Team will recommend the "Pass/Non-Pass Grade Cut-offs" as the manner of allocating the student''s grade. A student’s final result will be determined by their success or otherwise in passing each of the assessment tasks as detailed in the Assessment Plan document.

Following approval of grades by theManagement Team, students are notified of theirgrades by the following means: -
  • Written correspondence directly to the student to the address provided upon enrolment;
  • Email correspondence directly to the address provided upon enrolment; or
  • SMS to the student’s mobile phone number provided upon enrolment.
The final grade is required to be recommended within 6 months of the attendance at the face to face workshop component of the course.A final overall grade cannot be changed except to correct an error.

3. Certification
Upon successful completion of a course students will be issued with a certificate stating participation and competency. Each certificate will be individually numbered and recorded on Spirometry Training Australia’s participant log. Certificates can be reissued at the request of the student and will include the original certificate number. Reissuing of certificates will incur a cost which is to be paid prior to release.

4. Appeals and Reviews
Students are encouraged to discuss with academic staff their performance in assessment tasks during their course.

Where a student believes that an error has been made in respect of the allocation of a gradeawarded for a course, the student may request a review of thegrade. Firstly, students are advised to consult with the Management Team to obtain an explanation of how theirgrade was awarded as soon aspracticable after being advised of their grade. Upon receipt of the Management Team’s explanation if the student remains dissatisfied the student may request a review of thegrade. This request must:
a) be made in writing;
b) state the grounds for the review request;
c) be lodged with the Management Team within 10 working days from the date on which the grade was released to the student.
All requests for review of grade shall be dealt with by the Management Team, and the student willnormally be notified of the outcome of the requested review of grade within 10 workingdays from the receipt of the request.

5. Rights and Responsibilities
Students should make appeals responsibly and the Spirometry Training Australia will treat them seriously and with regard to the rights of all parties. Students normally will not suffer any form of disadvantage as a result of making a complaint or appeal. There will be provision, however, to protect Spirometry Training Australia and itsemployees from vexatious or malicious appeals.Spirometry Training Australia will aim to resolve all complaints and appeals in a fair, impartial, consistent, respectful and timely manner.Confidentiality and privacy will be maintained at all times by all parties wherever possible.
Students will have the right, at any time, to withdraw an appeal which they have lodged by providing such advice in writing to the Management Team.

Spirometry Training Australia is not liable for any expenses incurred by the student or any student support person assisting the student, or other attendees at anappeal meeting.

6. Impact on Enrolment
A Student may remain enrolled in their course pending the outcome of an appeal, unless it is demonstrated that Spirometry Training Australia''s duty of care to the public is such that the student should not be permitted to continue their enrolment.

7. Reassessments
For the purpose of academic recovery, opportunities for failed assessments to be resubmitted, re-attempted, or to undertake a supplementary assessment may be offered at the discretion of the Management Team. Collectively these three terms are referred to as reassessment. Resubmission is where a student is permitted to make substantial changes to a nominated assessment task which they have failed, within a specified timeframe for re-examination. Supplementary assessment is a new item of assessment designed to provide the students with an additional opportunity to demonstrate successful achievement of the major learning outcomes of the course. Students awarded a deferred examination are not eligible for a supplementary assessment as a significant concession has already been provided in the granting of a deferred assessment.

The student has five working days from return of the assessment task to apply for reassessment. Only one opportunity for reassessment is to be awarded.

8. Special Consideration, Extensions and Deferred Assessments
The purpose of special consideration, deferments, extensions and individual assessment arrangements are to ensure that students experiencing extenuating circumstances or who have specific needs are appropriately supported and can seek assessment arrangements that provide the best circumstances for ongoing success in their program. Both discretion and flexibility are used in managing applications.

Students applying for deferred assessment, an extension to submit an assessment itemor special consideration on medical grounds must submit a medical certificate that has been obtained during an in-person medical consultation only. The medicalcertificate signed by a registered medical or dental practitioner, is to cover the date theassessment was due, and be issued no later than three workingdays after the date of the assessment. Students applying for Special Consideration, Extension or Deferred Assessment onother grounds must submit suitable documentary evidence, such as a bereavementnotice, letter from employer, practitioner or professional, statutory declaration, or a copy ofaccident report.In all cases the documentation is to contain the name, date and contactdetails of the person providing the evidence.

Special Consideration:
The Management Team may extend special consideration to a student in their course and inrespect of any assessment item in their course.Students may apply for special consideration if:
  • their performance in an assessment item was seriously affected, or
  • they were seriously disadvantaged when the assessment item was attempted,on the grounds of illness, accident, disability, bereavement or other compassionatecircumstances.
An application for special consideration for an assessment isapplicable only where assessment has been attempted. Where the student is unable toattempt the assessment item, the student may apply for deferredassessment or an extension of time to submit an assessment item.Requests for special consideration must be submitted in writing to the Management Team andaccompanied byappropriate documentary evidence.Requests for special consideration for an assessment item must be submitted no later than three working days after the due date ofthe assessment item. Requests for special considerationin respect of performance across all assessment tasks in a course must be submittedno later than three working days after the due date of the final assessment item.

In response to an application for special consideration, the Management Team may takeone or more of the following options:
  • Take no action;
  • Provide an extension of time in which to complete an assessment item;
  • Recommend a final grade on the basis of the student''s performance across the course;
  • Provide another assessment task, either:
    >an alternative assessment task – one that provides an opportunity for the student to demonstrate learning outcomes similar to those related to the original assessment task; OR
    >a replacement assessment task - one that resembles as closely as possible the original assessment item and carries the same percentage of total weighting for the course; Or
    >recommend that the student be granted withdrawal without failure on compassionate grounds.

Extensions are available for unforeseen circumstances of a short-term nature.Where the student is unable to attempt an assessment task, which is not an exam, the student may apply to the Management Team for an extension of time to submit the assessment.Applications are to be submitted to the Management Team at least one working day before the due date for an assessment.

Extensions can be approved for up to one week (seven calendar days) after the due date for an assessment. (Where students need an extension exceeding one week they must instead apply for special consideration.)The evidence in an extension application must clearly support the period for which an extension is sought.The Management Team will notify the student of the outcome of an application within two working days of an application being submitted.Where an application is approved, students must meet the new assessment due date for submission of assessment or risk a non-pass grade.

Deferred Assessment:
Students may apply for deferred assessment if they were prevented from attempting anassessment item. The following wouldgenerally be considered acceptable grounds to approve a deferredassessment:
  • on the grounds of illness;
  • accident;
  • temporary disability;
  • bereavement;
  • or other compassionate circumstances (for example, serious illness of a family member or close relative,significant and unexpectedemployment problems or pressures, significant relationship problems).
Approval for deferred assessment will not be granted where students could reasonably have been expected to avoid the circumstances that prevented them from attemptingthe assessment. The following would generally be considered unacceptable grounds toapprove deferred assessment:
  • applications submitted after the three working days deadline;
  • holiday arrangements, including for international travel;
  • sporting or cultural commitments, other than at state, national or international representative level;
  • misreading the assessment requirements and deadlines.
Requests for deferred assessment must be submitted in writing and accompanied by appropriate documentary evidence. Requests for deferredassessment must be submitted no later than threeworking days after the due date of the assessment item.Applications for deferred examinations shall be considered by the Management Team, who approves or rejects the application.The decision of the Management Team isfinal.

Where the Management Team grants a student a deferred assessment, this normally takes the form of a replacement assessment item which will resemble as closely as possible the originalassessment item or examination and will carry the same percentage of totalweighting for the course.

Further deferment of deferred examinations and supplementary examinations is NOT possible. Students have already been given a significant concession in being awardeda deferred or supplementary examination. Students who are still unable to sit theirdeferred or supplementary examination because of exceptional circumstances mayapply to withdraw after the commencing the course due to special circumstances.A final grade is required to be recommendedwithin 6 months of the attendance at the face to face workshop component of the course.

9. Penalties
Assessments received after the due date WITHOUT an extension of time having been approved will be penalised.

Where an assessment is up to two weeks late, a penalty will be imposed of 2% per day, or part thereof, of the marks available for that assignment. The penalty will accrue on both weekdays and weekends including public holidays (ie. 14% per week).An assignment received more than two weeks late will receive no marks.

10. Lost, stolen or Damaged Assessment Tasks
To minimise the impact of lost, stolen or damaged assessment tasks when hard copies are submitted, students must keep a copy or record of all assessment items. On request, students need to be able to present a copy of the task if required.

11. Disposal of Assessment Material
The Information management Policy encompasses all the systems and processes within Spirometry Training Australiafor the creation and use of corporate information. Assessment items will only be retained for a period of 6 months after the completion of the course.

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