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The Family Practice Medical Centres offer you and your family high quality Bulk-Billing medical care at any one of our healthcare centres throughout Queensland. To find a centre near you click here.

We commit to a full service practice model whereby we will endeavour to meet all of your healthcare requirements through all phases of your life.

We embrace a medical model that focuses on prevention whilst providing excellence in diagnosis and treatment for you.

We recognise our goal as being the promotion of wellbeing amongst our patients by eliminating pain and suffering and enhancing the quality and longevity of your lives.

We understand that optimal healthcare is a partnership between our patients and our medical professionals. We fundamentally believe that we first need to interact with our patients to understand their healthcare needs and goals. By doing this we can then apply our skill, knowledge and experience to meet your expectations.

The four pillars we build on are:

  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Comprehensive service
  • Advanced technology

Accident and Emergencies
If you are suffering from severe breathing difficulty, chest pain or severe injury you should telephone 000 immediately and ask for an ambulance.

For less urgent cases all of our healthcare centres are equipped to deal with minor injuries and symptoms. If you feel your case is urgent please notify the reception staff and the first available doctor or registered nurse will attend to you as a matter of priority.

Our Kallangur Medical Centre is now an accredited Minor Trauma Centre and designed to be a hospital altnerative for residents in the North Brisbane area with non life-threatening urgent medical conditions. This service is offered 8am - 11pm, 7 days a week, and also caters to general after hours medical care.

Urgent patients may be seen by the first available doctor rather than the doctor of choice.

Medicare/Bulk Billing
We will continue to offer you Medicare Bulk Billing. Bulk Billing offers affordable and accessible healthcare for all on a needs basis. Because it is an efficient form of healthcare delivery it enables better healthcare outcomes.

We endeavour to keep healthcare costs to a minimum to avoid gap payments, in the rare occasions where a gap would be charged the patient is notified in advance.

Enhanced primary care (EPC)
To meet the expectations of our patients and to realise our stated goals we offer all patients with asthma, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension and COPD an annual review. These reviews are an important part of the process to give you better healthcare outcomes and we would encourage you to make every effort to attend your appointments. At the reviews you will be able to discuss your condition, your progress to good health and any problems you may have. The review will include progress measurements e.g. blood pressure, weight, blood tests as well as medication reviews and lifestyle advice.

All our centres are fully computerised and offer bulk billing services by appointment. You can make an appointment with the doctor, practice nurse or health care professional of your choice by contacting our professional team by phone, or if you prefer by calling by one of our healthcare centres.

Our friendly reception staff are available to assist you in making an appointment and can provide most of the information about our services and policies that you may require.

Sometimes your doctor may be delayed by an emergency or unexpected long consultations, however our staff will make every effort to ensure that your time is not wasted and where appropriate offer an alternative doctor.

Facilities and disability awareness
We are well equipped to ensure that waiting areas and examination facilities are of the highest standard. We meet or exceed AGPAL accreditation standards.

We endeavour to meet the needs of patients with disabilities giving easy access for patients who are wheelchair users, complying with the requirements and standards of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

We cater for patients with learning difficulties and we can accommodate visits during the quieter hours where patient or carer feels this would be of benefit.

Our facilities also have access to interpreter services, please contact the relevant Practice Manager if you would like to access this service.

Phone calls
Phone contact with any of our healthcare centres is always welcome. Where immediate contact with your doctor maybe disruptive to other consultations the reception staff will give you an option to leave a message for your doctor to return your call at the earliest opportunity.

Emergency calls will be put through to one of our doctors immediately.

Test results
To protect your confidentiality, and to maintain the highest quality of patient care, most results will not be given over the telephone. The doctor or nurse will advise you when the results should be available. You should make a follow up appointment with your doctor. Normal results will be discussed at your next routine consultation.

Results are reviewed upon receipt and should the doctor require immediate action to be done you will be contacted directly usually by one of our reception team. Please be aware that our reception team are not qualified to give out further information or to confirm if the results are normal or not. In order to comply with the Data Protection Act, and our Confidentiality Policy, test results can only be given by the doctor to the patient themselves.

It is the responsibility of the patient to make an appointment for the tests such as x-rays, blood tests, urine, swabs, PAP smears and other tests to be performed.

It is also the responsibility of the patient to make the appointment to discuss the results of the tests. Exceptions are made for INR results where the patient can usually telephone us to speak to the doctor at the practice nurse.

To ensure the best management of your case your doctor will discuss your condition with you before referral to a specialist. We are not permitted by law to backdate specialist referrals so please ensure that you have a current referral before seeing your specialist.

Comprehensive health assessments
We offer other health assessments including:
Children’s development checks and vaccinations
Health checks for patients with learning disabilities
Pre-travel advice and travel vaccinations (NB please make appointment 8 to 10 weeks before travel to ensure adequate time for vaccination courses)

Repeat prescriptions
In the interest of good medical care your doctor will need to see you for a repeat prescription. Under some special circumstances our receptionists can check with the doctor to see if the prescription can be available without a consultation.

Medical certificates
Medical certificates are not issued over the phone. If patients require a medical certificate for an employer or benefits agency they must make an appointment to see their doctor except if we are in receipt of a hospital discharge summary clearly indicating that the patient is unable to leave home.

Medical certificates cannot be backdated unless there is documentation of doctor''s consultation or a hospital letter referring to the illness for which you have been off work.

Recall system
In the interest of promoting good health through preventative medicine we may issue you a reminder from time to time offering you preventative healthcare services appropriate to your care.

Home and nursing home visits

Generally patients will be expected to come to the healthcare centre to be seen unless genuinely housebound or their condition dictates a home visit. Patients requiring a home visit will be seen by their doctor who may ring to discuss the reasons and timing for the visit. As we are not an emergency service you should ring 000 and ask for an ambulance where your condition requires emergency treatment.

Your doctor may visit you at home or nursing home if it is felt that you are too ill to attend the healthcare centre.. If you require a home or nursing home visit please telephone before 10am on the day. Your doctor may need to discuss the problem before deciding if a visit is necessary. Reasons other than ill health e.g. no transport are generally not considered when making the decision.

Fee Policy
Family Practice Medical Centres are primarily Bulk Billing healthcare centres. We offer all patients Bulk Billing where Medicare allows. Where the procedure is not covered by Medicare or where the patient has no Medicare card, including overseas patients, we will make a direct charge to the patient. Please ask about charges before accepting treatment.

All patients who contact our afterhours GP will not be bulk billed if the doctor is required to be called out. Our doctors reserve the right to charge a fee to patients without a Medicare card. Fees are payable by EFTPOS, cash, credit card or cheque.

Cancellation policy
To be able to maintain our Bulk Billing medical centres and services we run at capacity for appointments. Anyone who does not attend an appointment not only inconveniences the staff but they can be denying other patients from receiving healthcare services.

We therefore reserve the right to make a charge for future appointments for patients who repeatedly miss appointments.

Changes to your registration details

To assist use to give you prompt and accurate healthcare services could you please inform the reception staff of any changes to your personal and contact details.

You will find our team helpful, courteous and discrete. Please treat our staff with the same courtesy and respect that you would expect to receive from them. We have the right to remove a patient from the patient list if they are deemed to be violent and aggressive to any of our staff members or other patients and visitors to the healthcare facility.



if you have a complaint we would like to hear about it. Please feel free to discuss this with your doctor or the receptionist. You may prefer to write to us or use our suggestion box. If there is a problem you feel unable to approach us about, you may prefer to contact the:

Office of the Health Ombudsman
GPO Box 13281
George Street Brisbane QLD 4001
Phone: 133 646

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