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Your treatment always starts with a detailed consultation with one of our doctors. They will discuss with you your wishes and expectations. They will examine the areas in question; determining the severity of your lines and folds, how much filler material is needed and what type of treatment is likely to be most effective. They will provide honest and realistic advice and together with you will develop a personal treatment plan geared to your specific needs. It is our philosophy to ensure that you are full informed with reliable and objective advice. We want to put your expectations in the right perspective to enable you to make the right choices without disappointment.



During the consultation process you will be given information about:

  • The full potential and limitation of each treatment
  • Details of any possible contra-indications
  • What results can be expected
  • The likely recovery period and any follow-up treatment required
  • Which medication to use along with instructions of use
  • Potential complications and risks
  • The joint treatment agreement between ourselves and yourself
  • Costs of treatment This is the time, during the consultation, to pose any queries or worries you may have.


Once you decide to undertake the treatment we will prepare a ‘treatment agreement’ together with you which will be signed by both the doctor and yourself. Two copies will be made, you will receive one and the other copy will be kept by the practice in your file. We do this to avoid any misunderstandings about the aforementioned treatment agreed upon. Once an agreement is in place an appointment is then made for the treatment.

The cosmetic products are injected using very thin needles in or under the skin or in the muscle, depending on the type of product. We will ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Depending on the product used, the skin will be massaged afterwards with a special crème or cooled with ice packs. The doctor will inform you beforehand about each stage of the treatment.

Every injectable product has different effects. In general you should look presentable the day after the treatment. Sometimes the skin may be red andf swollen and occasionally there is bruising. Normally any redness or bruising can be covered with makeup. Within a few days of the treatment the skin should return to normal again. The recovery period depends on the size of treatment and the technique or filler used. Our doctors will inform you beforehand of what kind of reaction to expect. Following treatment clients are encouraged to raise any questions or concerns they have about after effects directly with us.

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